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2014 Top Leash and Collar Sets

Collars and leashes say as much about canine caretakers as they do about the animals who wear them. Some like to project their own style when choosing their animal’s accessories, while others use their pup’s personality to guide their selection. Either way, there are countless options out there, and we have compiled a list of our five favorites. We have long been fans of all of these brands; each offers numerous color choices, price points and styles.

Our 2014 Pick Of The Litter selections for best collar and leash sets.

Our 2014 Pick Of The Litter selections for best collar and leash sets.


Strength and Style
Named after the founder’s beloved Pit Bull rescue pup, Paco Collars is dedicated to enhancing your dog’s natural style with handcrafted, quality leather products. We love their Rico Collar, featuring turquoise stones bordered by small round studs. With a lifetime guarantee and solid craftsmanship, this will be a sturdy staple in your dog’s collection.

Truly Legit
LEGITIMUTT—founded by supermodel Kristy Hinze Clark and her manager and friend Neal Hamil—designs and manufactures luxury dog products. Our pick is the Italian Smooth Leather Collar in Key Lime. Made from Italian ultra-luxe leather, this collar is simple, chic and striking—exactly what you would expect from a line created by a supermodel.

Fashion Forward
Hartman & Rose is known for their exquisite craftsmanship. Each collar and lead is bench made with close attention to detail. Our pick is their adorable Leap Frog collar in Cut Grass Green. Made from Italian leather with polished 22-karat gold plate hardware, it features green translucent French enameled frogs with ruby Swarovski crystal eyes.

The Fun in Function
Zee.dog built their company “for every dog lover in the world, independent of sex, race, religion,sexual orientation or financial status. Dogs never gave a damn about these things, we don’t either.” We love this sentiment, and we love their fun and funky Maverick collar and leash, made of super-premium nylon ideal for everyday use.

Rope of Hope
Found My Animal makes accessories for “adopted animals and their people.” Their goal is to raise awareness about animal adoption while donating a portion of proceeds to homeless animals.Because orange is the color of animal adoption, our pick is their strong-but-soft orange collar and rope lead. All products are US-made and meant to last.

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