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A Dog’s Purpose

Newspaper columnist W. Bruce Cameron, who wrote 8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter, which also became a hit television show, gives fiction a go with his touching tail, A Dog’s Purpose. Told by Bailey, a pup with many lives, the book takes us on his journey through many lives, good and bad. From life in the wild, euthanization and rebirth as a puppy mill dog, and later, life as a search-and-rescue dog, we follow the canine narrator through many of the realities facing animals every day, all with the goal of discovering their real purposes on Earth. As a reader, you will experience a true dog’s-eye-view of the special bond between pups and their people, and how nothing can ever break that bond. This book that spent 49 weeks on the Best Sellers list is a must-read for all dog lovers and a great gift for anyone who understands the special relationship we can have with our dogs.MC  A Dogs Purpose

Visit www.adogspurpose.com for more information or to purchase your own copy.

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