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Alison Pace

“I used to think that my main motivation for getting a dog of my own was to connect myself to my past, to my childhood that was filled, in so many ways, by dogs. And having a dog has indeed done that for me. But the other thing that has happened, and this is something I believe in one-hundred percent, this is something I feel certain happens to all dog people: the dogs in our lives connect us to our present and to our futures. Dogs have made me more accepting of people, more understanding of my family, more on a wavelength of joy.” – Alison Pace, You Tell Your Dog First.

:You Tell Your Dog First(1)

At LIFE+DOG we know that these sentiments resonate with our readers and it’s just one example of how Pace’s newest book will become a favorite of anyone who truly loves their dog and appreciates all the benefits they bring to our lives. Pace began her successful writing career with the novel If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend, followed by Pug Hill, Through Thick and Thin, City Dog, A Pug’s Tale and the recently released essay collection, You Tell Your Dog First.  IMG_2922(1)

Alison makes her non-fiction debut with You Tell Your Dog First, a fetching collection of essays detailing the life of the young New Yorker and her dog, Carlie.  Through it we get to watch as Pace’s life changes thanks to her white Westie, while also learning about all of the dogs that touched her throughout her life. “I grew up on Long Island with loads and loads of dogs.  They all make appearances in my book.  A love of dogs was instilled in me at a very early age and that’s clearly shaped my current life and my oft-chosen subject matter in my career.  I think my interest in writing about dogs has a lot to do with what a large part of my family and life they have always been,” Pace says.  “There were three dogs in my family before I got there and I grew up with at least four dogs at any given time.  To say nothing of our burro, Juan Pablo.”  Her family’s deep connection to animals has helped her to develop her voice as a writer while also shaping her view of the world around her. “Though I credit my mom for teaching me to love dogs, it is my dad who crystalized what dogs mean to me,” she says in the preface of YTYDF.  “On my very first visit to my parent’s house with a dog of my own, my dad turned to me and said, ‘It’s wonderful, isn’t it, the way that dogs connect you to the world.’ And I thought, in this order, Yes it is, and Yes, that’s it exactly.  That is to me what every story about dogs is, at its heart, about.”

Readers will love all of her novels, filled with characters that mirror her life, but it’s her essays about her adventures with dogs in her life that are so hilariously relatable to all of us who cherish every moment with our canine companions.  Hear what Pace has to say about her latest literary endeavor and hear about the animals that have motivated her in life and her career in this short video interview:


You Tell Your Dog First hit shelves November 6 and is available online and retailers nationwide.  To learn more about Alison and to keep up with her latest developments, follow her on twitter @alisonpace, follow her on Facebook or visit www.alisonpace.com.  We can’t wait to see what great things are on the horizon for Alison and are already anxiously awaiting her next project!

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