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Artist: Pauline Graziano


Boxer Pup copyPauline Graziano creates one-of-a-kind conversation pieces by using the celebrated child’s toy, Etch A Sketch, as her canvas. In traditional Etch A Sketch fashion, she turns the two white dials and draws with one continuous line. Once the sketch is complete, she carefully disassembles the Etch A Sketch and removes the stylus and aluminum powder from the inside to create a permanent masterpiece.

We asked Pauline where she gets her inspiration and she told us, “Artistic expression has always been a necessary component of my life. Through dance, sculpting and drawing, I get to spend time in a space where the mysteries of our existence are held, a place beyond time and thought. Being a human, these mysteries are of great interest to me and I feel the more time I get to spend connecting with them, the happier I am.  It seems as though I am not alone in this, and I am inspired to work when I see this spirit in another.”

Commissions: Prices start at $750 for an Etch A Sketch portrait that comes guaranteed permanent in a shadow box frame.

To celebrate our 2013 Amazing Artists Feature, we’re GIVING AWAY a one-of-a-kind PERSONALIZED Etch A Sketch art piece from Pauline! If you win, you’ll send her photos of your dog and you’ll receive one of these INCREDIBLE pieces! The winner will be chosen on Monday, August 27, and you can enter each day until then using the form below.

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