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Buddy Belts Harness

We are crazy about the Buddy Belt Harness.  It is not only chic and simple, but it’s a great alternative to the traditional dog harness. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, and you can even add some pretty tasteful bling We picked ours up at Pawty Palace in the Houston area, but they are available at retailers nationwide. Visit www.buddy-belts.com for a list of retailers closest to you!

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Buddy Belts differ from traditional collars in that they remove the strain from your canine companion’s neck and instead wrap around their legs and chest. What separates the Buddy Belt harness from a typical harness is the fact that it’s styling is closer to a traditional collar. There is a single buckle and it easily slips right over their front legs for a quick and easy preparation for your next outing. The Buddy Belt is quite simply… the best of both worlds!


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