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Brett’s Blog


Blog from LIFE+DOG publisher and photographer Brett Chisholm. Want to stay in touch? Follow Brett on Twitter @brettchisholm or on Instagram @brettchisholm.

Mercy Arrives In America

Nowzad Dogs

The strength of the bond with a canine companion is something only a dog lover can know. Imagine how strong that bond would be if you were stationed in a combat zone with the military and became the sole source of survival for a dog in need. That is the story of Mercy and Lt. Col. Kevin Banks from San ... Read More »

If We Could All Try Harder


Today in Houston the weather was awful. Torrential downpours, loud thunder and lightning that filled the sky. During a quick break in the rain, I headed out to check on my horses so we could spend some time outside even if it was only brief. They’re staying with my incredible trainer Kim Simpson while our home is being built and ... Read More »

Nature's Miracle