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Influence Positively


Musings from LIFE+DOG editor Sharon Castellanos, founder of Grouchy Puppy. Want to stay in touch with Sharon? Follower her on Twitter @grouchypuppy or @fromsf; or on Instagram @city_girls or @grouchypuppy.

When You Care You Cherish


“She looks well taken care of” I may have grown up with dogs but my responsibility for them was limited. It was only after choosing to adopt Cleo that I became a primary caregiver and guardian to another life.  Sadly, from the high number of puppies and dogs discarded at shelters, it may not be a big deal for some ... Read More »

Who Wants To Go On A Walk?


Who wants to go on a walk? For almost seven years now, one of my favorite moments with my dog is when we are getting ready to go for a walk. She loves to smell the city, picking up the news left by neighborhood dogs and residents. But before we ‘saddle her up’, also known as getting her harness on, ... Read More »

Nature's Miracle