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Warrior: Dog of the Month – May


All Photos of Warrior by Danielle Neil Photography. Meet our inaugural Dog of the Month—WARRIOR! We got a chance to chat with Warrior’s faithful human guardian Michelle Charvat about how she met Warrior, what makes Warrior so special, and of course, her life & her dogs! Michelle grew up around Rotweillers but she was always more along the lines of ... Read More »

Lab Rescue of the LRCP


  The American Kennel Club recently announced the Labrador Retriever as the most popular dog breed in America—for the twenty-first consecutive year! It seems that everyone loves this just-about-perfect pup. Their loving and loyal personalities make them a superstar in many households and they have easily become one of the most sought after family dogs around as most are very ... Read More »

The Puppy Rescue Mission


The Puppy Rescue Mission assists our brave soldiers and the dogs they have met and fallen in love with while serving in Afghanistan, via vetting and assisting with transporting the canine companion back to the United States. These dogs are those saved from war-infiltrated areas that were lucky enough to form an unbreakable bond with their soldier. The military men ... Read More »

Ashley Owen’s Lucky Dog Rescue


Ashley Owen Hill is a compassionate and inspiring animal advocate living in Mississippi—a part of the country not traditionally known for helping animals. Fortunately for the dogs in her care, this doesn’t affect the dedicated darling who is helping not only homeless dogs in her own neck of the woods, but thousands of dogs throughout the entire country. As the ... Read More »

Guardian Angels For Soldiers’ Pets


  When our soldiers graciously sacrifice their lives to defend our freedom every part of their family is affected.  What most people do not consider are the four-legged family members whose lives are also disrupted when loved ones are deployed. Luckily, the alliance of nationwide volunteers at Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pets has thought of this and has formed an ... Read More »

Gremlin’s Story: From Heartbreak To Healing


Gremlin and Rowdy to the Rescue Meet Gremlin, the winner of the 2012 LIFE+DOG Cover Dog contest who received more than 10,000 votes from our fans and followers. Gremlin is a former Bait Dog that was bought, along with her mother, by an undercover police officer investigating a fighting ring in the Washington DC area. Once she was removed from ... Read More »

Nowzad Dogs


Images in this article are from Mercy arriving in America via Nowzad Dogs.  In the heart of a violent area of Afghanistan lies an area known as Now Zad, a place where animals struggle to survive, let alone live healthy and happy lives. Sergeant Pen Farthing of the Royal Marines could not sit idly by and watch while these helpless ... Read More »

Barrio Dogs


Barrio Dogs is a Houston-based educational nonprofit organization that officially launched in March of 2010.   Their primary focus is to educate both children and adults on the devastating effects of animal overpopulation, abuse and neglect. The group concentrates their efforts in the lower income, inner-city neighborhoods of Houston, TX where there is an overwhelming amount of animals who could use ... Read More »

Nature's Miracle