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LIFE+DOG is all about "Modern Living with Man's Best Friend"® and what better way to experience this than by illustrating the human-dog bond through compelling interviews here? Take a look through our PEOPLE category for stories, Q&A's at at-home photo shoots with some of your favorite celebrities, entertainers and notable individuals.

LIFE+DOG is all about “Modern Living with Man’s Best Friend”® and what better way to experience this than by illustrating the human-dog bond through compelling interviews here? Take a look through our PEOPLE category for stories, Q&A’s at at-home photo shoots with some of your favorite celebrities, entertainers and notable individuals.

Dana Perino and Jasper

It’s not every day that we get to meet someone like our current cover lady Dana Perino. Her high-profile career includes a daily appearance on a top-rated cable network show and a past position as the White House press secretary. As a Fox News contributor and co-host of “The Five,” the channel’s daily 5 p.m. news show and the second ... Read More »

Bob Harper


I remember thinking, “I love this dog and I’m going to do everything I can for him.” Fitness expert, television star and New York Times best-selling author Bob Harper is one of the most recognizable and successful health and lifestyle experts in the world. He’s helped countless people achieve their goals of healthy living; but it’s his relationship with his ... Read More »

Mike Arms of HWAC


Mike Arms came to animal welfare in a most unusual way. He arrived in New York in the 1960′s ready to take on the world with an accounting degree and the desire to make it big. An employment agency suggested that he might take a position at the ASPCA because it would look good on his resume. Mike didn’t even ... Read More »

Seamus and Juliana Dever from Castle


Hollywood is full of gorgeous, picture-perfect celebrity couples who seem to live in a fairytale world of fame, but more often than not, these relationships are revealed as flawed—and the couples usually split under the pressures of the spotlight.  One couple we think would overcome all of the odds of celebrity marriage is the talented twosome Seamus and Juliana Dever.  ... Read More »

Josh Feldman


On November 20, 2012, Disney’s Santa Paws 2 hits store shelves, just in time to be the season’s perfect stocking-stuffer for the entire family to enjoy over and over again. In this charming tale, four frisky pups—Hope, Jingle, Charity and Noble—are up to no good being rambunctious in Santa’s workshop and almost destory everything! To prove they are worthy of being Santa’s ... Read More »

Alison Pace

You Tell Your Dog First(1)

“I used to think that my main motivation for getting a dog of my own was to connect myself to my past, to my childhood that was filled, in so many ways, by dogs. And having a dog has indeed done that for me. But the other thing that has happened, and this is something I believe in one-hundred percent, ... Read More »

Orfeh and Andy Karl


Orfeh and Andy were photographed at the extremely dog-friendly INK48 Hotel in NYC. Photos by Brett Chisholm and Ryan Rice. Showbiz couples come and go, and more often than not, they unfortunately tend to go. Whether it’s the strain of constantly working or living your life in front of adoring fans and cynical critics, the pressures of a public life—and relationship—often ... Read More »

Kathie Lee Gifford

Photo by Brett Chisholm.

There are few people on television these days—or any past—that have experienced the ups and downs of a public life more than the enigmatic Kathie Lee Gifford. She has shared her life lessons for more than 40 years on a variety of platforms, all with the hope that her stories will help and encourage others—and they do!  We have faithfully watched ... Read More »

Ashley Owen’s Lucky Dog Rescue


Ashley Owen Hill is a compassionate and inspiring animal advocate living in Mississippi—a part of the country not traditionally known for helping animals. Fortunately for the dogs in her care, this doesn’t affect the dedicated darling who is helping not only homeless dogs in her own neck of the woods, but thousands of dogs throughout the entire country. As the ... Read More »

Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo and Her Dog Gracie

Each time the LIFE+DOG crew sets out to find unique dog lovers to share their story of Modern Living with Man’s Best Friend we find ourselves becoming more and more inspired by the people we are fortunate enough to meet. The positive energy and heartwarming stories we hear motivate us to do all we can to celebrate the relationship between ... Read More »

Laura Nativo


The moment Laura Nativo stepped onto the set of the famous television show Romper Room at the age of 5, she knew that she wanted to be in the entertainment industry; but she couldn’t have possibly imagined that she would become one of the leading voices in animal-related entertainment, along with her three precious Pomeranians. Her path to her position ... Read More »

Kym Johnson


Dancer and dog lover, Kym Johnson, has been waltzing her way into the hearts of Americans on ABC’s hit show Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) since her first appearance in the cast in 2003 with then-partner Jerry Springer. American audiences quickly fell in love with the dazzling dancer from “Down Under” and she has Jived and Hustled her way to ... Read More »

Kate Mansi


Southern California is brimming with bombshells and beauties, but one sunny starlet, Kate Mansi, is taking on Tinseltown with grace and style while retaining her deep-rooted values and kind spirit. Born to an Italian/Irish family that likes to work hard and play even harder, Kate grew up in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles where she excelled at academics ... Read More »

Mary Lynn Rajskub


Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub is one of the most diverse and popular character actors of our time.  She is a comedienne, a dramatic actress and, of course, a dog lover! You may recognize her from her roles in popular films like Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde 2, both of which she stars opposite Reese Witherspoon, stealing scenes with her ... Read More »

Betsy Banks-Saul


  Fifteen years ago the animal rescue world was a much different place than it is today. Rescue and adoption organizations struggled with getting the word out about adoptable animals and potential adopters were faced with the sad task of visiting shelters to locate their new four-legged friends. Few could imagine how much that would change thanks to the internet ... Read More »

Nature's Miracle