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Top Ten Most Frequently Reported Poison Dangers for Dogs in 2013


Keeping your four-legged friends safe is a top priority. You should always be aware of the dangers to your dogs and keep them out of harms way. Keep numbers handy for your vet and emergency vet to call at the first sign of trauma. You can call the Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680 or peruse their website  for helpful information. Make ... Read More »

How Can You Save?


It’s no secret we love our canine companions. All that love, however, can sometimes add up and worry us that we just might break the bank. We reached out to Paris Permenter and John Bigley, the incredible husband and wife duo behind one of our all-time favorite sites, Dogtipper.com, to help us create a list of ways that you can ... Read More »

The Benefits of Massage


There are numerous benefits to massage for us humans, and those benefits also exist for our canine companions. Massaging helps to open blood vessels and improve blood circulation, maintaining your pet’s well-being and expediting recover. Techniques can be used to reduce stress on a nervous dog or one that is anxious at times, and spending time touching your companion helps to ... Read More »

Top Ten Signs of Stress in Your Dog


Your dog is terrified of thunderstorms. Your cat leaves “surprises” whenever she’s stressed. If you have an anxious companion, you are far from alone. Nearly 40% of caretakers say they have one or more animals that experience anxiety. And 70% say their animal’s anxiety happens fairly often to frequently.1 Anytime a dog or cat perceives a threat, a specific area ... Read More »

Safe Household Medications


We treat our dogs as members of family. We prepare their meals alongside ours, and we incorporate their exercise into our own routine. It makes sense that we would consider using human medications from our medicine cabinet for a sick pup. Check with your veterinarian for dosages and safety before administering any medication, but these human medications can be used ... Read More »

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