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DIY: Custom Dog Art Canvases

DIY Dog Art Canvases


It’s no secret that we love taking pictures of our dogs and we know that our readers do, too! We started to find ways to display our own Instagram photos in our homes and think you’ll love the end result. Follow the steps below to create beautiful, personal and economical ways to display art of your best friend all around your home. These canvases also make wonderful gifts!

To create your own canvas print, you will need a few things. Gather them up before you start.

- White wrapped canvases (up to 8 inches square if using Instagram photos like we did)
- Standard inkjet paper prints of your favorite photos
- cutting knife
- cutting board for crafts
- straight-edge ruler
- decoupage glue (available at all craft stores, we like Mod Podge)
- paintbrushes
- materials to finish your piece—either acrylic paint or a frame.


Step1Step 1:
Assemble your tools. It’s best to start with all of your pieces together in one place. Remember that it will take time to dry and you’ll need multiple layers of glue, so make sure you start the project in a place you will want it to sit for an entire day.

Step2Step 2
Print your favorite square Instagram photos on a standard desktop printer. No special photo paper is necessary as standard copy paper will give you a more artistic final look. Print the images to the exact size of your selected canvas if you are going to paint the edges of the canvas or place in a frame. Print the image 1 inch larger if you are going to wrap the image around the canvas.

Step3Step 3:
Cut out the printed pictures from the white paper using a knife and a straight-edged ruler. Make sure you keep the lines straight and cut exactly to the edge of the photo. If you are going to wrap the image around the canvas, do not cut any additional lines until you complete step 5.

Step4Step 4:
Prep the canvas with glue. Using a paintbrush, apply a thin layer of decoupage glue to both the canvas and the back side of your image. Make sure you do not start this step until your print is completely dry from the printer or you may risk bleeding the image. If your image continues to bleed, you may need to use a thicker paper.

Step5Step 5:
Adhere your image to the canvas very carefully, making sure you match the edges exactly. If you are wrapping the image, place the canvas upside down after the first layer of glue has dried and cut four diagonal lines from the edge of the canvas to the edge of the image, as in the picture here.

Step6Step 6:
To wrap your image, apply glue to the side canvases and start to fold the image down. You will want to do two opposite sides at a time. Wrap half of the corners underneath the other side, and trim the other corners to create a flush edge. Now, simply start to add very thin layers of decoupage glue to the entire image. Keep adding layers as they dry until all bubbles have settled and you have achieved the final sheen you desire.

Step7Step 7:
Finish the sides of your canvas if it is not wrapped. You can either use acrylic paint to paint a side onto your canvas or you can place your canvas into a canvas frame that will cover the sides. If using paint to finish the edges, paint small areas at a time or wait for the entire piece to dry and use blue painters tape to create a smooth edge.

Step8Step 8:
Display your final art in either tabletop frames or on the wall. Place canvases into a canvas frame or use a hanging kit to display the entire wrapped canvas without a frame for a more contemporary look.

RyanThis article was written by LIFE+DOG editor Ryan Rice.

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