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Epiphane Camera Bags


IMG_3530(1)Camera equipment is bulky and cumbersome and keeping it by your side to have on-hand for the time the picture-perfect moment arises can be a daunting task. Traditional carry solutions leave budding photographers looking more like they’re ready for a backpacking trip through the mountains than a quick jaunt around town. Epiphanie bags change all of this. We can’t get enough of these gorgeous, high-quality bags that look from the outside more chic tote than traditional camera bag. Created with vibrant colors and durable synthetic leathers, you’ll be the envy of every fashionista you see with one on your shoulder.

Take a peek inside, however, and you’ll be even more amazed. Engineered to be a lasting solution to photographers of all levels, all of your photographic equipment will fit safely inside, from lenses to camera bodies and extra flashes. Some bags will even house your laptop computer. Each bag includes padded, adjustable compartments and zippered enclosures for maximum protection for your wares, and a removable shoulder strap. $155-$185 at www.epiphaniebags.com.


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