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Follow My Lead – Book

FollowMyLead_printFollow My Lead (Seal Press, 2011) is so much more than a book about dog training — it’s a book about life and all the glorious ways in which we can learn from our interactions with our best friends. Through melding the stories of training her two spunky Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the agility ring with tales from her everyday life, author Carol Quinn delivers a compelling narrative that evidences the transformational power of the bond between a human and their canine companions. Taking a step back to see what dogs can teach us about our own lives opens the door to truly fulfilling a happy existence, and Quinn’s reminder couldn’t be timelier in our connected world.

(Find Follow My Lead on Facebook.) Carol uses the lessons she learns in the agility ring as a metaphor for her life, learning to successfully navigate her career and romantic life—all the while building an unbreakable bond with her rambunctious pups Nairobi and Sheila along the way. Guiding Carol through her training is Irina, a tough-as-nails yet passionate agility instructor who treats dogs as her equal and expects the most from her students. Irina’s no-nonsense approach to her methods on the practice field mean training sessions are often times all business; but through the years of training, Irina and Carol form a bond themselves where Irina encourages Carol to accept her faults and find the strength to move forward in life with control and direction.

Follow My Lead is a compelling tale that drives you through the pages from beginning to end. In fact, you may finish the entire book in just a few sittings. With chapter headings that deal with particular life lessons of what Carol has learned from her dogs, like “COME. SIT. COOKIE,” “LOYALTY: STICK TO THE ONES YOU LOVE—INCLUDING YOURSELF,” “JUST TRY IT,” and “NO MEANS NO…SORT OF,” Quinn’s masterpiece is a book for anyone who has ever loved a dog and has been inspired by what they bring to our lives. While reading, one can’t help but be immersed in the adoration of all things dog.

LIFE+DOG is proud to recommend Follow My Lead to our readers whole-heartedly. Through the pages of this compelling tale you will laugh, you will cry, and you will learn so many things about LIFE and DOGS. You will identify with Carol on her journey of self-realization and you’ll love your dogs even more—if that could even be possible! The ways our dogs can inspire us on a daily basis, and throughout our entire lives, is what Modern Living with Man’s Best Friend™ is all about.


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