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What would your pet do for fresh?


You know that you prefer fresh food to processed, so why wouldn’t you expect your dog to want the same? For years dogs have been relegated to munch daily on the same, boring food… highly processed kibble that is stuffed with fillers and is, shall we say, less than appetizing. Loving dog caretakers are now realizing that just like we humans can “survive” on junk food but thrive on real food, the same is absolutely true for your dog.

Enter: Freshpet. Freshpet is healthy, all natural food for your dog made from real meats, real fruit, real veggies… all fresh ingredients. This food is so fresh you have to find it in your grocers refrigerated section. Freshpet is free from harmful fillers and preservatives and delivers all the goodness of home-cooked and fresh meals to you and your dog in a convenient package. Common sense tells us we’d rather feed our dog food that is best if used within weeks. . . and not years. This is real food, for real dogs, packaged conveniently for real people who want to provide the best for their dog but don’t have the time it takes to source fresh food on their own in their busy world.

So just how much more will your pet love Freshpet? Besides the results you’ll see feeding your dog a more appropriate diet (healthier bodies, healthier skin and coats, healthier weight, etc.) we bet they’ll flip over backwards and do whatever they can to beg for it. The proof is in this video of Lisa and Sam.

So… just what would YOUR dog do for fresh?

This sponsored video was provided to L&D by Freshpet.

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