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Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Pops


Here’s a recipe as the summer is winding down that you can share with your entire family—both two AND four-legged! It’s incredibly simple, just put all the delicious ingredients into a blender, pour into ice cube trays, and freeze!IMG_4753-web

Specialty Equipment Needed: Blender


1 cup plain non-fat yogurt*

.25 cup fresh blueberries

2 cups fresh strawberries, stems and crowns removed

1 banana, peeled and cut into chunks

Half of a peeled cucumber (optional)


Place all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie mixture into an ice cube tray and place into freezer. Depending on the size of your dog, you may wish to break up the treat into small pieces or find a tray that makes smaller ice cubes. Once frozen, provide to your dog on a towel or outdoors for a refreshing summer treat. It’s safe for you to have a bite, too!IMG_4766-web

You can mix and match all sorts of fruits and vegetables in this recipe, just follow along with the seasons! Use peaches, apples, squash or any of your dog’s favorite raw snacks. Just make sure there is more blended fruit or veggies than yogurt so the treats freeze well.

*Make certain yogurt does not contain any artificial sweeteners as they can be very harmful to dogs.

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