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How to submit your product or service


We are excited to introduce a new, special section of our website: LIFE+DOG APPROVED. Throughout our website you will find many products and stories that we, the editors of LIFE+DOG, have sought out and written about for our readers. These stories, product reviews, photo essays and more come about through the traditional editorial processes—they may be pitched to us by publicists or our friends, or we may find them while out and about on our own. They typically fit directly into our editorial calendar, and we think these stories always contain content our readers will care about. There’s no hard and fast way to ensure a product, service or story reaches our readers at a specific time as our editors choose when and what we write about during seasonal editorial meetings.

With the growth of the LIFE+DOG brand, we wanted to be able to provide a way for potential partners and sponsors to work with LIFE+DOG to promote their products or services to our readers in a more highlighted manner that can reach the market faster than traditional editorial opportunities. This is the fastest way to get a message to our readers and one that also conveys that the subject of the piece is a product or service our readers should trust. Our readers know that every piece of content on the LIFE+DOG site, whether editorial or provided as part of a sponsor partnership, the content has passed through our rigorous editorial review and testing process.

To achieve the LIFE+DOG APPROVED status a product must pass through testing from both members of our editorial committee and LIFE+DOG readers who are members of our test committee. LIFE+DOG Approved sponsor and partner stories are strategically run through the LIFE+DOG network with additional promotions and giveaways and all products or services that become “LIFE+DOG APPROVED” may proudly display this distinction in association with their product. For more detailed information on how to submit to the program, please contact Mike Edison directly at medison@saintsmarketing.co.

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