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#LifeandDog on Instagram – January Finalists

InstagramGallery We absolutely love Instagram. It’s our favorite social media platform of them all! Did you know there’s an entire LIFE+DOG community on Instagram? You can FOLLOW US directly @LifeandDog, but you can also share your OWN photos with the entire LIFE+DOG community, just by using the #lifeanddog hashtag on your photos, both old and new. We’re always perusing the feed for our favorite photos. We’ll take them and share them through our gallery of favorites right here each and every month, and also share them through our entire social media fanbase, letting your photos reach hundreds of thousands of dog lovers! All photos bear your Instagram username and link to your account! We also choose our very favorite accounts and create entire galleries just of their images. (Follow @LifeandDog on Instagram here)

Each  month we’ll start an all-new gallery and at the end of the month, our very favorite photo will win a $50.00 gift card to PetSmart! GET SNAPPING! (AND GET TAGGING!)

Nature's Miracle