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What I Learned From My Dog Today

As I sit here typing this there is a sleeping spaniel at my feet that is stealing my attention.  I love watching her sleep.  She looks so happy and peaceful…snoring just loud enough to kill the silence and remind me of her loyal presence.  It’s moments like these that I am reminded of her ability to live in the present moment and how we all need to take a little time to just be.

The more rested and rejuvenated we are, the more we can do for others who need us, both two and four-legged.

It’s hard for us humans.  We have the constant conversations of life going through our heads and our news feeds, reminding us that we are never going to be enough, do enough or do it correctly.  People can ruin our day with a simple tacky comment or rude Facebook post. Then there are always those certain people who seem to lurk in cyber-shadows, only to emerge to point out the flaws in your thoughts, personality or political affiliation. I know we all have the power to choose what we let bother us, but it gets exhausting. That’s where I was just a few hours ago until I looked up and saw Isabella. Somehow, just after sitting here and watching her sleep I am a little more relaxed.  I am filled with happy thoughts and I am smiling. Then I realize, hey…that was easy.

These days it is harder and harder for us to take the time to let our personal batteries recharge just a little. The more rested and rejuvenated we are, the more we can do for others who need us, both two and four-legged. Work or philanthropic passion can make you a prisoner if you don’t take time to rest and reflect on the things that truly matter to you in your life. Just sitting here watching Isabella I am reminded of how lucky I am to get to spend most of every day with her at my side. I am reminded that I can go to her any time I want a distraction from the daily grind and, most of all, I am reminded that on a Friday afternoon, it would be much more fun to play with her, snap some pics and shut down the computer. The work will always be there, but today will be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow we will have an entire new list of things to do and people to please, but today…we will play!

RyanThis article was written by LIFE+DOG editor Ryan Rice.

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