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Molly Mutt DIY Beds

Praise Dog! Finally a dog bed that you know is really 100% machine-washable. Why? beacuse it’s stuffed with your clothes. Molly Mundt set out to create an inexpensive option for the environmentally and budget-sonscious hound lover and came up with the brilliant set of duvet covers and stuff sacks that comprise the bulk of her Molly Mutt line of products.

The concept is simple: Purchase a duvet cover to cover your existing pillows or include an optional stuff-sack for the filler. You can stuff the sack with anything you like, from towels to old clothes and t-shirts. (Its about time there was a great option for all of your old sorority and fraternity Ts.) Molly, who resides in San Francisco and is originally from Houston, has created this landfill-saving line of stylish covers as a fun, do-it-yourself option for those who are always looking to have their paws on the latest looks without breaking the bank.

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