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Orbee® Tuff Ball

The Orbee®-Tuff Ball is the ball that started it all for Planet Dog more than ten years ago. To celebrate, the Orbee has been updated with new colors and a larger size for a limited time only. Just what makes the Orbee Ball celebrated as “The Best Dog Ball on the Planet”? 

The Orbee is functional, non-toxic, smells great, is made entirely of recycled materials right here in the USA, and is a fun and unpredictable bouncing joy for your dog. Still not impressed? This toy is guaranteed. Planet Dog will take the ball back if your dog rips through it or just doesn’t like it. (now that’s believing in your product!) To top it all off, 2 percent of the sale of each Orbee Ball, and every product from Planet Dog, goes directly to the Planet Dog Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Planet Dog that has given more than $775,000 in cash grants to organizations and groups that train, place, and support dogs helping people in need. www.planetdog.com

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