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PAWW Pick Pocket Leash

Paww products are the brainchild of founder and Chief Executive Human Chris Miksovsky who set out to create a design-driven line of smart gear for pets and their humans. Paww designers believe that a leash connects two beings and it is their job to design products that make life better for both of them. With their just-to-market set of inaugural products, they have done just that. We really could have chosen any of the new Paww products for a Best In Show distinction, and you’re likely to see more of them in the pages of LIFE+DOG. There are innovative treat dispensers, exciting collars, frisbees that double as water dishes, and more.

What caught our eye immediately, however, was the Pick Pocket Leash. This leash will redefine the way you walk your dog! There’s an integrated zipper pouch for waste bags as well as other personal effects and space to clip a light or carabiner to ensure you are prepared for any obstacle you may meet on your walk. One of the most fun features of this leash is the handle clip for easy tying, making pit stops a breeze! The Pick Pocket Leash is available in a variety of colors and we promise it will be the last leash you ever buy. $39.99 www.paww.com (purchase online by clicking HERE to visit In The Company of Dogs)

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