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Photo Submission Guidelines

By submitting a photo to LIFE+DOG, either by posting a photo directly to our social media channels, or uploading a photo directly to our website to a promotional gallery or contest, you are granting LIFE+DOG the right to host the photo on our website and share it through all social media channels without compensation. While you always retain ownership and copyright of the photo, LIFE+DOG will place our own watermark on the photo. By submitting a photo, you agree to release LIFE+DOG from any liability that may arise from hosting your photograph on our site.

Professional photos bearing a watermark may be submitted if you are the photographer of the photo. If you are not the photographer, you must have purchased the digital rights to the photo from the photographer. Copyright infringement of professional photography will not be tolerated. If a copyright claim is placed on any submitted photo, it will be removed and the original poster may be banned from further submissions or participation in the LIFE+DOG website and social channels.

LIFE+DOG reserves the right to refuse to publish any submitted photo. Copyright inquiries and questions regarding our photo policies may be directed to inbox@lifeanddog.com.


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