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Pura Vida Bracelets


Who doesn’t want to live a pure life and help others? Thanks to Pura Vida Bracelets you can wear your heart on your sleeve and help provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. Pura Vida Bracelets are simple, unique, hand-made bracelets that have a great story behind them. The company began after two friends decided to hit the beaches of Costa Rica to celebrate their college graduation. Between the beautiful sunsets and the rolling breakers, they began to deeply appreciate the simple lifestyle of the people and cultures they encountered. One day they met a man named Jorge peddling colorful bracelets, and they asked if he would be willing to make them 400 bracelets to take back to the states. Jorge was living in a single room shared by several other family members. Soon after returning to the states they were able to give him enough business to live comfortably in a house and have his amigos work with him. Jorge went from selling 2-5 bracelets a week to upwards of 15,000 a week.

They are now sold in 700+ surf shops, boutiques, college book stores, and chain stores nationwide. Each bracelet has a unique and different color combination. There are also many designs to support charities across the globe, including one for our friends at Best Friends Animal Society. To learn more, and to purchase your own, visit www.puravidabracelets.com.

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