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Seeking Product Testers for The Honest Kitchen

Screenshot 2014-01-15 11.40.04The Honest Kitchen has passed through rigorous testing from LIFE+DOG, and now we need testing from YOU to award The Honest Kitchen products “LIFE+DOG APPROVED” status! Are you interested in what holistic, whole-food can do for your dog? Apply to be on our Product Review team and get a chance to test The Honest Kitchen products in your home for 30 days!

We’ll choose THREE testers from our panel who will receive one month of food for their dog from our friends at The Honest Kitchen. We’ll stay in touch with you during the entire trial period so you can provide us with your feedback and help us determine if The Honest Kitchen products achieve LIFE+DOG Approved status.

TO APPLY TO BE A PRODUCT TESTER, just follow these steps!

1. Send an e-mail to inbox@www.lifeanddog.com with the subject “PRODUCT REVIEW COMMITTEE”

2. In your e-mail, tell us in 250 words or less why you and your dog are the perfect members of our product review committee! Be creative and fun, and you’ll have a great chance to receive FREE goodies from us to test for our readers!

3. Make sure to include the details of ALL the dogs in your house. Age, breed, size, temperament, etc. That way we will be able to match you and your dog to the best products for you.

4. Include a picture of your dog(s).

5. Include contact information for you.

That’s it! We’ll be announcing the first members of our product review committee in February!

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So, just why do we love The Honest Kitchen products? Because they’re made by people just like us. People who care so deeply for their canine companions that they want to provide them the very best, all the time. The Honest Kitchen family of products are human-grade, and they are the only pet food products in the country that are such. To us, that means a lot.

Because of the gentle processing procedures that The Honest Kitchen uses, the food you are feeding your dogs is as close to raw form as possible, while still being safe and convenient. To feed your dogs, you simply measure out the dehydrated food, add warm water, mix, and serve. Your dog will thank you, and we know you’ll start to see noticeable results in your dog’s fitness, coat, conditioning, temperament and more within weeks.

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Look forward to a FULL review of THE HONEST KITCHEN products in the coming weeks here in the LIFE+DOG Approved category as well as exciting giveaways, promotions and contests.


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