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Tips: Step Into The Shade


This month’s photography tip can be used by anyone with any camera outdoors to create beautiful photos of any subject, from people, to babies and of course, dogs!

When taking photos outdoors, you want to look for the softest and most even light possible. Instead of standing in the sun—which creates harsh, direct shadows—step into the shade for a nice, even light that will flatter any subject. When standing in the shade, or anywhere outside on a cloudy day, you’ll immediately notice how harsh daytime shadows completely disappear. Step around the side of the building, go under the trees, or stand out of the direct sun in a well-lit room to create your no-budget studio.

The reason this lighting is better is because you’re able to use real-word, natural elements to filter the light. Light passing through the clouds or light reaching your subjects in the shade is being filtered and bounced from millions of directions and is not direct like that of the sun or a flash on your camera, thus removing harsh shadows that can ruin a picture.

This technique is best put to use with cameras that have a manual function or a manual-override where you can dial up the exposure just a bit. If you’re using an automatic camera and your photos are a tad dark, practice setting the exposure-reading for your camera by focusing on the darkest part of the area you’re photographing and pressing the shutter-release button halfway down. That will set the exposure and then you can frame your shot and press the button the rest of the way down to take the photo. This easy-to-use and simple way of taking outdoor photos will ensure you’re creating frame-worthy portraits every time you shoot.

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