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The Flappy Dog Toy

The Flappy is one of the best, and strongest, toys we have ever purchased for our pack. In fact, we have two that have lasted for years, seemingly getting better with age and reinforcing the company’s motto, “we make ‘em for dogs to shake ‘em!” Available in vibrant, contrasting colors, unique fabrics for various activities (like crinkly flaps for cuddling or cotton ropes for chewing), and sizes for any breed, they do more than just lay on your floor. It also helps safely satisfy your dog’s deep-rooted instincts! By simulating your dog’s instinctive nature to carry prey in their mouth, the Flappy gives them the subconscious satisfaction of the hunt and will become your go-to toy for entertaining playful pups! We found our Flappy at Natural Pawz in Houston, and you can visit www.flappydogtoys.com to find retailers near you or to purchase online.

Nature's Miracle