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The Pet Corrector


Isabella has always been bad about barking at the TV every time a dog appears and I have finally found a solution to stopping her small screen screaming…The Company of Animals’ Pet Corrector! It’s simple and effective and comes in 3 different sizes to meet all your correctional needs. Taking a cue from nature, the product mimics the hissing sound used by snakes, insects, and birds to drive off pesky predators, which domesticated dogs instinctively dislike. When your dog needs a little discipline simply grab the Pet Corrector and it will emit a hiss of air mimicking the sound and interrupting undesirable behaviors such as jumping up, stealing, chewing, or barking. This teaching tool should be used responsibly and comes with a detailed training guide with easy tips that will ensure you achieve your desired results and is widely available online and in retail shops nationwide. 


Nature's Miracle