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Warrior: Dog of the Month – May


All Photos of Warrior by Danielle Neil Photography.

Meet our inaugural Dog of the Month—WARRIOR! We got a chance to chat with Warrior’s faithful human guardian Michelle Charvat about how she met Warrior, what makes Warrior so special, and of course, her life & her dogs!

Michelle grew up around Rotweillers but she was always more along the lines of cat person. Michelle tells us, “I always had dogs, and loved them very much, but to be honest I preferred cats. The day that I became a dog person was the day I met my first Pit Bull.” That Pit Bull who changed her perspective more than 10 years ago was a dog named Baby that her son brought home from a litter of unexpected neighborhood puppies. Michelle says she held all of the preconceived notions of Pit Bulls and didn’t want one around, yet after Baby grew up in her house she experienced a total change of heart. This dog was became whole world, and her love of Pit Bulls only grew from there.

Michelle runs multiple pages on Facebook to advocate for and educate about Pit Bulls and provide help for those that are in high-kill shelters throughout the nation. In 2012 Michelle saw a post in her own news feed about a mother and her litter of babies in Las Vegas that were close to being euthanized and she shared them through her page on Facebook, Pitbull Warrior. One of Michelle’s friends saw the post and stepped up to foster the mother dog and her entire litter of puppies. When Michelle saw the photos of the babies and the photo of Warrior, it was instant love. She filled out the adoption papers, and the rest is history. Warrior has inspired Michelle to create an entire social media presence around this dog that has thousands of loyal followers and you can find her daily adventures and antics online at her Facebook Page, Warrior AKA Miss Hammy

Warrior and Michelle have such a deep connection that Warrior has multiple times saved Michelle from having a low blood sugar reaction. Warrior is entering training to become Michelle’s service dog for Diabetes and Michelle hopes that by having a Pit Bull as her service dog, more people will begin to lose the standard “vicious Pit Bull stereotypes” in their minds. She hopes that Warrior can help people to understand that “these dogs are not mean and aggressive and are completely misunderstood. Pit Bulls are so often in tune with their guardians that they can sense what is going on before humans can.”

Michelle and Warrior are starting to work with Animal Charity of Ohio that provides much needed animal welfare work in their community. The organization is the only humane society in Mahoning County, Ohio and has two agents that receive more than 1200 calls a year. Animal Charity of Ohio provides affordable veterinary care and Spay/Neuter services for the community as well as grooming, vaccinations and additional services to support their nonprofit work.

Warrior02Warrior was chosen as the inaugural Dog of the Month by Holly Madison from entrants in our recent social media campaign. (Stay tuned next week for our feature story from Holly Madison and a preview of the winners from our contest) Each month we will highlight a new Dog of the Month from the winners of this contest, and all month long we will promote the causes that each dog (and of course, their human companions) support.

For the Month of May, we’re happy to join Warrior and Michelle in their support for Pit Bulls everywhere. This misunderstood breed needs all the support and advocacy that responsible dog owners everywhere can muster. These dogs are being punished as a breed for the misdeeds of a few horrible individuals. We must encourage more focus to their plight, more attention to the outstanding role model Pit Bulls everywhere, and more pressure on law enforcement agencies to end fighting. Because of Warrior’s work in the community to bring attention to the fight against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and the integral role Pit Bulls can play in our society, she is in the running for this year’s HERO DOG AWARD. LIFE & DOG is happy to support Warrior in her quest to bring more attention to this worthy cause and we encourage you to vote. VOTE OFTEN, and you can vote every day in each category. Explore all the categories and make sure that your voice is heard! To vote for Warrior, just follow the link below.

Stay tuned to the LIFE & DOG Facebook page all month long for updates on Warrior and the causes she cares about.

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