Helping Others

We are passionate about supporting groups that encourage, facilitate and support the role of dogs in our lives. Each purchase made through our website or retail partners triggers a donation of a day of food to a dog within one of our partner organizations. We choose organizations from around the country including food banks, senior assistance programs, rescue organizations and shelters. Each organization that we partner with has been deeply vetted by the members of LIFE and DOG to share our core principles and verified as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are always looking for groups working hard to make a difference. If you have ideas for who we should benefit, please reach out to us through our contact page. 


The Cavalier Rescue is based out of Alabama and has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs throughout our country. They have a passionate team of foster homes in more than 25 states (and Canada) that take in cruelty cases, puppy mill victims and dogs whose owners are no longer able to provide for them. The Cavalier Rescue works diligently to provide the absolute best foster, permanent and hospice homes for these dogs in need.


Many people may not know that nearly every breed of dog has a rescue organization dedicated to that particular breed. There are thousands of incredible purebred dogs waiting for homes in foster throughout the country, and we encourage you to explore rescue groups that cater to your preferred breed before bringing a puppy home from a responsible breeder. Puppies are hard work that are not suited for every home environment, and an adult dog may be just the answer for your family. We are proud to support the work that The Cavalier Rescue and other purebred rescue organizations do throughout our country. 

We chose to work with the Cavalier Rescue because of our personal involvement with the organization. Cavaliers have always been involved in our lives and have made a massive impact on our family as excellent companion dogs. Our designs "Bubbles and Cuddles" and "Heart Paws" are actually made from the paw imprint of our beloved Cavalier King Charles Isabella who passed away in 2020. Many of our followers will recognize Isabella from our time with the LIFE+DOG Magazine and she touched everyone that she met. After Isabella's passing, we adopted the most spunky, friendly and dedicated Cavalier from The Cavalier Rescue (Gibson) and were able to learn firsthand how dedicated and passionate the members of this organization are. During our current promotional period, one dollar from every towel sold through LIFE and DOG benefits the organization directly. We have two towels that will permanently benefit this hard working group. Every sale of "Bubbles and Cuddles" and "Heart Paws" will benefit the organization directly to purchase food for the dogs in their foster programs. We are happy to honor Isabella's legacy in our lives by benefiting this fabulous program.