What's Behind The "Good Dog" Towel

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Earlier this year, I lost one of the best dogs I have ever had. Her absence left a gaping hole in my heart and I was overcome with grief. 

Minnie Pearl was a rare guardian breed dog, a Karakachan who kept our home and farm safe. She surrounded us and all we cared about with love. She grew up with our son, the first dog he came to love from a puppy into adulthood during his most formative years. I have never had a LARGE dog, and the love and *protection* she offered us made me know dogs in an entirely new way. Minnie Pearl was one of a kind, my very best girl. She spent her entire days devoted to the things important to me on the farm, and her nights guarding us while we slept. She meant the world to me.

It was during the time that we were preparing to relaunch LIFE and DOG that Minnie unexpectedly left us and I had to take a break from all the work that went into our business. I felt a little lost, a little out of place, and I didn't know where to go. As the time passed, I felt her presence more and more still in my life. So many things happened where I *knew* Minnie was sending me messages. She sent us another guardian dog, Walker, who fills the void with the most goofy love and devotion imaginable. We didn't lose any animals on the farm to predators after she left and I know her spirit was still protecting us. I know that losing an animal is part of loving an animal, but I still felt very robbed when she left us far too soon. So, I designed this towel.

This towel sums up a lot of what is important to us at LIFE and DOG. We put our heart and soul into the work we do to bring products to other people like us, those who simply love dogs deeply. So deeply sometimes it hurts, but so deeply there is unimaginable joy. Minnie's departure coupled with the constant feeling that she was still with us, still surrounding us and protecting us with her love, is some of the biggest proof in my life that angels most certainly exist. 

Every towel that we design has a special meaning to all of us here at LIFE and DOG, but none more so special to *me* than this one. We're committed to living our lives with intention and it brings me joy to be able to embody all the emotions I have towards our dogs, towards our intentional life, towards just loving dogs, into our work. As I screen print each towel we sell by hand, I am able to impart that energy and feeling into each of our products. 

My sincerest hope is that those feelings and that intention comes across in all that we do. Just. Love. Dogs.



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