Replacing your reliance on paper products in your home has massive benefits for our planet. Single use paper towels have become one of the most wasteful products that humans produce—they are not sustainable, they clog our landfills and their production and distribution are major contributors to deforestation and rising carbon dioxide levels. Using your LIFE and DOG tea towels made with organic cotton in your home is a smart way to lessen your waste footprint while keeping your home looking good and feeling clean. Together we can reach a zero waste future.

Living With Zero Waste

Our Impact

Why We Choose Sustainable, Organic Cotton

Numerous environmentally costly fabrics, textiles and inks are used in our world today. Developed for ease of use, convenience and soft feel—these products come at a high cost to our planet. Polyester fabrics come directly from plastic and microfiber materials shed incredibly harmful fibers into our water supply and environment. We chose to work with *only* organic cotton in our products because it is a sustainable product that grows from our Earth. Replacing our reliance on petroleum and paper products (such as polyester, microfibers, paper towels, etc) can make a massive impact on our world and the world we leave for future generations.

Our Printing Processes

All of our designs are made in-house and printed by us on manual printing presses at our farm in TX. Standard printing methods use environmentally costly plastisol inks and petroleum-based products. At our farm we are committed to supporting our environment and lessening our impact on the world around us. Water-based inks are more challenging to work with with far less room for error, but we feel water-based inks contribute to the art we produce here at our farm. We designed our standards and procedures to protect the world around us and leave the world a better place than we found it.

Our Biodegradable Shipping Standards

We are members of the No Issue Eco Packaging Alliance which means 100% of our packaging is compostable and biodegradable. We use state of the art compostable mailers, compostable labels, and our product tags are printed on post-consumer waste, recycled content.

How To Use Tea Towels In Your Home To Achieve Less Waste

Washing Hands
Keep a Tea Towel near the sink (not in the sink to keep germs off your towel) and use the soft cotton towel to dry your hands. 

Drying Dishes
Our towels are made to be lint free and super absorbent, and drying dishes is their ultimate kitchen task. 

Cleaning Countertops and Appliances
Tea towels will leave your appliances clean and streak-free

Covering Food
Tea towels make the perfect cover for rising yeast doughs, outdoor platters They keep food warm without building up condensation and keep bugs away.

Crock Pot
Real crock pot pros use a tea towel inside the lid of the crock pot to catch condensation and keep extra water from dripping back inside their dish. 

Drying Vegetables
Tea towels are the perfect way to dry your vegetables and salads. Just wash your lettuce and place it on a towel, roll the towel up like a jelly roll, and unroll for perfectly dried and not damaged greens. 

Cheesecloth Alternative
Our tea towels are modeled after flour sack towels and make a perfect substitute for straining with a cheesecloth. If you're using the liquid, tea towels are designed to be far more absorbent than cheesecloth, so you'll have to squeeze extra liquid out of your towel. 

If you hang our tea towels on your oven handles, they're in a quick and easy spot to be used as a potholder. 

Tuck the corner of your towel into your pocket or belt and it quickly doubles as an apron while you work. 

Polishing Silverware and Glasses
The lint free tea towel is in its element with these tasks. 

A folded towel works fabulously as a trivet to protect your countertop from a hot dish. 

Tea Towels make excellent bibs for young and old. 

Cleaning Windows
Tea Towels are fabulous at cleaning windows and leaving your a streak and lint-free shine. 

Hand Towels
Our towels are perfect for your guests in the bathroom. 

Tea Towels are lint free and lightweight and make a perfect duster. 

Hair Towel
Tea Towels are super absorbent and don't leave any extra frizz in your hair like terry cloth can. 

Ice Pack
Tea Towels make great wraps for ice packs when injured. 

Comfort Towel
Use the tea towels to wrap small animals and keep them comorted and warm

Cleaning Messy Pets
The soft absorbent nature of our tea towels make them perfect to clean up a dog, especially around the face. 

Slobber Cloth
Keep a towel handy near the water dish to wipe up spills and clean drool from faces.

When your towel has reached the end of its useful life, you can either return it to the earth in your compost, or donate to an animal shelter for a dog in need.  


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