Who We Are

At LIFE and DOG we are purpose-driven. We make thoughtfully designed products on our rescue farm in Texas for everyone who wants to incorporate a love for dogs into their home and life. Our small batch products use sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients. We print by hand on manual printing presses right here on our farm. You can feel good about buying and using our environmentally friendly products because every purchase supports to the work we do right here on our rescue farm providing dogs with a soft space to land on their journey to their forever homes.

We care deeply about the world around us and are committed to helping both the environment and organizations that promote and elevate the role of dogs in our lives. Our products and processes are focused on being as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. We care about the footprint that we leave behind in our world. Read more about our environmental impact here

About Us

Living on our farm with our dogs by our side has helped us embody all the things we learn about LIFE from our DOGS—learning from the world around us, living with intention, surrounding ourselves with things we love, and leaving this world a better place than we found it. Using our hands to make our products enables us to instill this energy into everything we do. We live conscientiously. Our products are made in small batches, allowing us to be intimately involved with the production of items and ensure our processes' quality, integrity, and sustainability. 

Living a more intentional life always brings us back to the lessons we have learned from our dogs, the memories and experiences that become a part of us, and who we are. LIFE and DOG is about honoring that bond and sharing our love for our four-legged companions. Every purchase of every product from LIFE and DOG supports the work on our rescue farm in Texas where we provide a soft space to land for dogs and farm animals on their journey to their forever home. 

Our tea towels will be the favorite towel in your kitchen, and our shirts will be a favorite in your closet because you can feel good not only about purchasing and using them but giving them as gifts too. Our fabrics are 100% sustainable cotton, and we never use harmful petroleum-based plastics—standard polyester fabrics and plastisol inks—in anything we do. Printing our tea towels and T-shirts with water-based inks on cotton makes our products better for the world around us. When our towels have reached the end of their useful life for you, we recommend donating them to an animal shelter near you. Shifting your reliance away from petroleum-based fabrics and paper goods and towards conscientiously sustainable products directly impacts the world around you. To learn more about our environmental priorities and sustainable products, click here. 

LIFE and DOG was established in 2010 as a print publication for modern dog lovers living with man's best friend. Our magazine covers and interviews included passionate and intriguing individuals such as Kathie Lee Gifford, Dana Perino, Jordin Sparks, Bob Harper, David Bromstad, and more. We loved traveling the country and meeting dog lovers from all walks of life who came together to celebrate their dogs but realized it was time for a change. We took time off from our hectic schedules to start a family and learn to live a slower and more intentional life on our family farm. 

Today, LIFE and DOG includes husbands Brett Chisholm and Ryan Rice, publisher, and editor of LIFE+DOG magazine, and our longtime friend and co-editor Sharon Castellanos, founder of Grouchy Puppy. Join us as we navigate and learn from living a conscientious life with dogs by our side. 

LIFE and DOG and Just Love Dogs are trademarks of Life and Dog, LLC. 

Reducing Our Waste Together

Apparel and paper towels occupy a massive amount of space in landfills worldwide. You can significantly impact your environment by purchasing 100% sustainable cotton towels from us to replace your reliance on paper towel products. This simple move saves trees and keeps paper waste out of our landfills, significantly reducing your family's carbon footprint. If every household in the U.S. used just one less 70-sheet roll of paper towels, that would save 544,000 trees each year.

Learn How We Reduce Our Impact and How You Can Too